Blow the cobwebs away.

It’s official – another New Year is here! So let’s get outside, reduce our sugar and alcohol intake (as we have been told we must do), burn off those festive excesses and enjoy what is out there for free! It’s a time of year when you can see spectacular stormy seas one day and bask in uncommon temperatures and sunshine the next. Indeed down here in the far west of Cornwall you can experience that difference on the same day comparing the North Coast with the South coast and you never know who you might meet on the South West coast path

On the coastal footpath near Sennen

Hairy hikers on the coastal footpath near Sennen

Whatever the time of year Cornwall never disappoints. Hop on the train and spend a day at magical St Ives

Portminster beach, St Ives

Amble along the golden sands on Porthminster beach St Ives

Return home in the evenings and cosy up with supper in front of the woodburner.

champagne friday

Anyone for supper?

There’s always the Boscrowan jigsaw challenge if you fancy a break from your Ipad

photo for jigsaw comp

Or take Meg for a walk around the fields – or rather she will take you.

Always ready for a snack from cottage guests

Always ready for a snack from cottage guests

So Boscrowan is a great place to rest and relax and recharge those batteries – whatever the time of year!

Enjoy a cracker of a Christmas!

How about  escaping the routine of Christmas – the shopping, the decorating the tree,  standing in the kitchen for hours and preparing the festive meal? If there is just the two of you – then how about spending Christmas in Cornwall and living the dream for a week in our thatched cottage that feels like a home not a standard self catering rented property?

Ring and Thimble in November

Ring and Thimble in November – hanging baskets hanging on!

We prepare the cottage for your stay – a real pine Christmas tree complete with decorations, fresh festive greenery gathered from our field hedgerows, a fresh Christmas wreath on your door – made here also. (more…)

Harvests and Halloween

Autumn is most definitely here, indeed it’s the last day of October now.

The apple trees in our orchard have been drooping with the weight of the fruit.

Boscrowan orchard

Boscrowan orchard

delicious red apples

delicious red eating apples

We have harvested and gathered and delivered them off to Helford Creek to be made into juice

apples all loaded

Apples all loaded







Boscrowan apple juice

To return in a few weeks as our own apple juice – pure nectar!

Now it’s off to find a pumpkin to carve for a lantern tonight…………..

pumkins and gourds

pumpkins and gourds