DragonflyWe consider that we are incredibly fortunate to live in such a wonderful place and since we are actively encouraging visitors to holiday in Cornwall and share in our experience we feel it our duty to be committed to the long term sustainability of the area and our environment as a whole.

Whilst you are staying at Boscrowan you might be interested in our environmental policies and practices:

Energy saving
We purchase all electrical equipment with an A or B energy rating, use low energy light bulbs where possible, avoid leaving electrical equipment on standby mode and have used high levels of insulation in the buildings.

Water conservation and pollution control

We harvest rainwater in butts for watering, use mulching in the garden where possible and we have installed our own environmental sewerage treatment plant.

Waste management and recycling
We recycle paper, glass, cardboard, plastic cartons and cans. Compost caddies are provided in cottages with access to compost bins and we encourage guests to feed waste cooked food to our free range hens. When building we use recycled materials when possible. We provide shopping bags and wicker picnic baskets in the cottages to avoid using disposable items.

Local economy
We provide locally produced soap and the weekly local paper and the monthly magazines, Cornwall Life and Cornwall Today in both cottages. Guests will find a bottle of apple juice in the fridge made from apples from Boscrowan’s own orchard, as well as a complimentary trug of homegrown vegetables and herbs awaiting in each kitchen. There is also information regarding local farm shops, restaurants and local crafts etc. We have employed local craftsmen in building our cottages. We expect similar economic standards from our suppliers and contractors. Liaison with the local community is also important to us.

Bus and train timetables, OS maps, books of local walks and information on local attractions are provided in the cottages. Bicycles are provided free of charge and we are happy to transport those who arrive on holiday by public transport.

Natural environment
Our visitors are asked to follow the countryside code, take home litter, use our portable barbecues rather than buy disposable ones, close gates and follow footpaths. We have bird feeders and nesting boxes and encourage wildlife with the plant species we grow. Information on local wildlife trust, RSPB reserves, SSI sites provided and any interesting wildlife sightings and local events are posted on the cottage whiteboards. We also provide recycled wheelbarrows of growing salad leaves for visitors use.

We comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice and have minimised our risk associated with environmental and social emissions.

We have joined GTBS as an indicator of our social practices.

Our aim is to continually seek to improve our environmental and social performance and we welcome our visitors’ ideas too − if there is anything you feel we could do to further help our environment then please tell us. We hope even that we may even inspire you, for when you return home!